We Are Eco

Responsible Production

We design and manufacture in SPAIN through ethical production (work carried out under fair and favorable conditions) on a small scale, that is, we only produce according to demand in order to avoid overproduction and waste...

With every order we plant a tree through One Tree Planted to balance our environmental impact and contribute to the health of the planet.

Preorder System

As an environmentally focused brand, ECONAKED prides itself on being different. Our visionary PRE-ORDER system reinvents the way fashion is made. From the beginning, we realized that most brands prepare their collections and try to change the stock using an aggressive approach to sales. But this is a wasteful strategy: it results in (an estimate) 10-30% of all unsold clothing. Overproduction, the technical term for this toxic habit, is a controversial topic and can result in landfill. Instinctively, we knew there was a better way.

Each collection is put on PRE-ORDER, giving our clients time to choose the styles they really want us to make. Because this helps reduce waste, from the fabric we order to the garments we produce.

Econaked Rescue Waste

Recycling and Reusing

With one garbage truckload of plastics being landfilled or incinerated every second, we believe this is a tragic waste of resources. But we also see signs of hope in the form of recycled fibers, which have become the center of our material mix. This could be leftovers from production processes, post-consumer waste, materials recovered from the environment, especially from the ocean, and dead material.

We're happy to pick up the slack, using these remains as source material for our limited edition collections.


We know our planet's resources are limited, which is why we use an innovative Italian fabric called Carvico Vita, made from 100% regenerated post-consumer waste.

Our eco-friendly swimsuits are made from 22% elastane and 78% Econyl®, a regenerated nylon from fishing nets and plastics discarded in oceans around the world, this type of nylon (which helps to correct the flow of global garbage present in landfills and oceans, turning waste into resources) we can regenerate it an unlimited number of times without compromising its quality, perfectly adapting to the circular economy model.

Our fabric (certified by Oeko-Tex® Standard 100) is not only sustainable but also of the highest quality, with great durability and greater resistance to UV rays, chlorine and sun lotions.


We are aware of the great impact we have on the earth, which is why we try to carry out sustainable practices in everything that surrounds the brand.

-Our packaging is ecological and respectful of the planet.
It has a printing process made with ecological ink and is made with 90% recycled materials, 100% recyclable after use. It complies with the following ecological properties:

♡ Biodegradable. ♡ Compostable. ♡ Certified wood.

-We wrap the pieces with natural recycled kraft paper.

-Our stickers have the following ecological properties:
♡ Certified wood. ♡ Renewable. ♡ Vegan.

-Our hang tags are plantable seed paper.
All seeds used in making the plantable tag contain a good supply of nectar or pollen, which is especially good for pollinating bees, butterflies and insects.

The coils of rope used to hang these tags are made of biodegradable jute.

-Our thank you cards are made entirely from farm waste with 100% green energy and are biodegradable.

-Our sewn labels are sustainable. They are Woven with a minimum of 50% recycled yarn and have an Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certificate.

-Our fabric (certified by Oeko-Tex® Standard 100) is not only sustainable but also of the highest quality, it has great durability and greater resistance to UV rays, chlorine and sun lotions.


Our story begins and ends in the ocean.